The Onyesha Spa in Wanneroo is absolutely breathtaking. It has mature trees and stunning scenery. It is a great sanctuary in Perth to relax, or enjoy romance. It has many beautiful areas, including large water features.

It was a dreary and rainy day, but look at how beautiful the grounds are!

Onyesha used our versatile Mykonos Modular for seating in their relaxing reception. The large and puffy back pillows are comfortable and perfect for lazing around. The generous high back seats are comfortable and good for leaning back on.

This all-weather wicker lounge is handy because it splits into 6 different pieces. Onyesha was able to create seating for singles, and couples. This is great to create a romantic feeling between partners. It is nice to sit in a reception with a partner, and have your own little space. And if you are alone, you have some privacy without worrying about someone else sitting right beside you. You can relax and read a magazine in peace.

The bright blue fabric is captivating, and eye-catching. It is normally hard to find unique cushion colours for outdoor furniture in Perth. At Urbani Furniture we specialise in having a range of contemporary fabric colours. With red, blue, and light grey some of our most popular. These colours contrast and stand out against a lush, green backdrop. Most people go with the safer option of grey, but we also sell extra cushion covers. Our customers can cheaply create a whole different look, by changing the fabric colour of their setting. The blue is utterly beautiful by the poolside, matching the water perfectly. And it looks especially contemporary paired with a modern piece of furniture like a round day bed.

It can also make and L-shape, or a three-seat outdoor sofa. Perfect for fitting into any space, or to suit any occasion. It is great value to have so many pieces, for a cheap price. A lot of outdoor furniture is flat packed. Ours is solid, and made of strong aluminium frames. It has hand weaved wicker on our large models.

This spa is a piece of heaven! And we are so proud to have our lounge used in their reception.