Many of my customers agonise over their colour choice. They are worried they will pick the wrong colour and later regret it! I always think, it is sometimes better to not have any choice at all. However we try to offer a selection of colours for our models at Urbani Furniture!

There are two ways you can go: Modern, or Neutral.

Modern Colours

A beautiful blue fabric day bed with white wicker by the pool

I believe uncommon colours create a modern look. Our white wicker, and our colourful fabric.

White Wicker

White wicker is much less common than black wicker, so it gives a contemporary look. It reminds me of the Greek Isles, a new modern home, or a sleek swimming pool. Many customers are worried it will get dirty. However it is a plastic material that cleans easily with water. It has the benefit of not getting hot in the sun, like dark wicker.

White wicker can be paired with a dark fabric that will contrast beautifully for an eye-catching look. It also blends beautifully with a light grey fabric.

Colourful Fabric

Our modern, coloured fabric can’t be found anywhere else. And it will be sure to get plenty of attention and compliments in your home. The unusual look will create a modern feeling. The bright blue or red POP on top of black wicker. They are beautiful by a pool to give a resort vibe.

Outdoor Wicker Lounge Setting in a Modern Blue Colour Fabric with Black Wicker. Couch for Outside and a Hanging Chair in Perth.

Neutral Colours

Dark wicker

Black or Dark brown wicker can blend into a garden and look sleek and contemporary. This is our most popular choice, as customers want to keep it safe. Dark wicker reminds me of a Balinese hideaway, with luscious and tropical plants.

The beautiful round Olympia outdoor sofa. A circular shape with black rattan and grey fabric. Made for Perth.

Grey Fabric

Grey fabric matches everything. It looks contemporary, and is also not too unusual. It is a very popular choice, paired with our dark wicker. Many of my customers tell me, they will keep the colours simple, and jazz it up their setting with colourful accessories and pillows.