Outdoor Furniture can be one of the most eye catching features for staging your home. It can help buyers see the full potential of your outdoor areas, as places to entertain, relax, and enjoy a fantastic lifestyle.

The selection of Outdoor Furniture is quite poor in Perth. A modern and sleek style will grab people’s attention. And can create a luxury feeling. It can leave a lasting impression not just on your garden, but on your overall home.

Beautiful large modular set

Gorgeous white with cappuccino cushions.

Using White Wicker is a good way to evoke a modern look. Our white wicker sofas are excellent for entertaining, with round, social styles available. Let buyers see the full potential of your deck, balcony, or pool area. And imagine themselves entertaining and living life to the fullest in your home.


White wicker round dining set with bench style seats and a Lazy Susan.

Beautiful white wicker with Cappuccino cushions.

Use plenty of seating, even in separate joining areas. Linking areas with modern colours, such as White Wicker, will create an especially modern feeling throughout your garden.