We all dream of creating our perfect outdoor area. An outdoor setting will help you make the most of your garden, to enjoy the beautiful weather all year round in Perth. Whether you want it to be the place that friends and family are always welcomed, or our own private oasis to relax.

I recently bought my first home on a 680 square metre block. The garden is in disarray and it needs a lot of work, but there is so much potential. Once the hard work is done, outdoor furniture is essential. There are so many settings I admire, that will be perfect for the various outdoor areas.

Different types of Outdoor Settings

Many of our customers have trouble deciding which type of setting to buy. You should aim to create your dream lifestyle in the space you have. Whether you’d like to relax in the sun or shade, enjoy meals with family, or have a drink with friends. I really believe that choosing the right furniture can improve your lifestyle.

Lounge Settings

Lounge settings are popular with customers who have the luxury of plenty of space. They can usually be found with three-seat lounges, two-seat lounges, and single seat lounges. They have a chunky and luxurious feel to them, with comfortable deep and wide seating. Most guests can enjoy an armrest.

The three-seat sofas can double as a place to lay down and rest. Soft and puffy backrests ensure that lounging outdoors is as comfortable as indoors. They are perfect for watching an outdoor TV. These sets come with a coffee table, for enjoying a drink or even a meal.

Circular lounges create a luxurious, contemporary look. If you have enough space, it is well worth buying a round sofa suite. Everyone can sit down, see each other, and socialise. You are able to talk to everyone, not just the people you are sitting close to. This improves the atmosphere of parties and special family days, like Christmas and birthdays. Our large circular sofa can seat ten people.

Modern and cheap outdoor wicker lounge set

With the beautiful weather in Perth, we are bringing modern and affordable outdoor furniture.

Modular Settings

Modular settings can also be referred to as sectional sofas, or L-shaped modulars. They are extremely popular, because of their versatility. They come with many different pieces that can be moved to suit a particular space. They can even transform into lounges and day beds.

A common question is whether you can clip the sections together. The answer is yes, you can buy cheap clips from a hardware shop, to clip the different sections together.

People with a smaller space often choose modular settings instead of lounge settings. The seats of a modular may not be as comfortable for each individual person, as there are not as many armrests as on a sofa setting. However this has the benefit of saving space. These sets also come with a coffee table, which often has a cushion as well as glass included.

Outdoor Wicker Modular Lounge Setting for Perth

The Infinity Modular can be moved in many different ways.

Bar and Dining Settings

Outdoor dining is a way of life for people in Perth. We have some of the best weather in the world, and it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Outdoor dining sets are best under a patio, to protect food and drinks from the weather.

Most of our customers want to have as much seating as possible in a limited space. Our compact dining tables are perfect, because they give a maximum number of seats and take up minimum space. The stools can be used as chairs for when you have extra guests, like on Christmas or Easter. They can be used as footstools on other occasions, and don’t get in the way.

Black rattan outdoor dining setting for Perth.

Our Compact Dining Setting

Compact Outdoor Wicker Tuck away dining setting in Perth. Black rattan.

All Chairs and Stools Tuck Away

I recently went to a party where the seating could have been improved. Tables were placed in various spots, to seat around 20 people. It made it so the people I was sitting near were the only people I could talk to. Also, if someone was sitting beside me, I had to strain my neck to look at them. It was hard to move spots, because the seating was jam packed. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to certain people who I was looking forward to seeing.

I think that bar settings are underrated. They are less common than dining sets, so they create a sense of wow. They can create a contemporary resort style atmosphere. They are less formal than dining sets, and guests can leisurely more around and socialise.

Where to buy an outdoor setting?

At Urbani Furniture we sell affordable outdoor settings for Perth. After investigating other shops, we were surprised with the high prices of stylish wicker furniture. You can visit Bunnings, Ikea, or Segals for budget furniture. Our outdoor settings are modern and stylish, and great value for the most sought after pieces.

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