What is All-Weather Wicker?

The term “wicker” refers to the weaving technique, and can be used to describe a few different materials- such as PE rattan, natural wicker, and cane. These materials are all hand-weaved to create wicker furniture.
When I say all-weather wicker, I am referring to PE rattan. It is a man-made plastic material that is designed for the outdoor weather.

PE rattan vs. Natural Wicker

For use in direct sunlight, there is no doubt that PE rattan is the best option. Natural wicker will become brittle, and break in the sun.
PE rattan is specifically designed to be used in the sun, and it is water proof.
Natural wicker can look beautiful indoors, to create a Balinese theme. However I think PE rattan looks beautiful too, and it has the versatility of being used outdoors as well.

Taking care of All-weather Wicker

This wonderful material needs basically no maintenance. Especially compared to timber. All you need to do is spray it with a high pressure hose or wipe it with water to clean it. Even white wicker should stay clean. To prolong the life, it is recommended to keep rattan out of the sunlight when possible. We have very high UV ratings in Perth, with the hole in the ozone layer. On hot days especially, the sun is a destructive force, and will eventually cause wear and tear on anything. We sell outdoor covers, to protect your outdoor setting. It is also recommended to not expose wicker to sunlight under glass, as it can act as a magnifying glass.

What Should you Look for in Wicker Outdoor Furniture?

There are some important things to look for in furniture that will be used outdoors.

1. Be sure that it is made of PE rattan, a material that is made for the sun and rain.

2. Look for high quality solid furniture that is not flat packed. This will ensure it has a sturdy frame.

3. Look for furniture with a powder coated aluminium frame. A steel frame can eventually rust, but powder coated aluminium is a rust proof material.

4. Be sure to buy furniture with tempered or safety glass. This is essential for safety.

5. Look for UV treated polyester fabric. Although the sun will eventually cause fading, this material is designed for outdoor use. We also sell replacement fabric covers for our settings, very cheaply. So your setting can look brand new with a fresh set of fabric.

Our clever dining sets have chairs and stools that tuck away, and keep the cushions safe.

6. Look for fabric that can unzip for washing.

The benefits of All-weather wicker


There are so many good things I can say about wicker. It is strong and durable material in the hot Perth sun. Yet it is also lightweight and easy to move around your outdoor area.


The most modern and stunning outdoor furniture is made of wicker. Every piece is hand-woven just for you and your family.
The material is flexible and this allows the weaving of curved shapes to create exquisite styles. It is not just furniture, but a work of art. Large and perfect circular shapes can be handcrafted with precision.

This pod chair is perfect for hosting parties. It measures 2 metres in every direction. Tonnes of family and friends can fit in here. It is a real talking point and creates a lot of fun. Also, it is extremely romantic for you and your partner.

The ultramodern look can be further complimented by the wicker colour. Wicker can be designed in any colour. We specialise in pure white, and pure black wicker. Stunning white wicker pieces create a dramatic, yet sleek look. Black wicker is a classic yet modern look that is sure to impress.

This look allows you to accessorise with beautiful pieces. Add gorgeous large vases and candles to create the feel. Even a water feature. Your guests will imagine tropical waterfalls and beautiful resorts when visiting your home.

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