At Urbani we sell cutting edge patio furniture that will make your eyes pop and your mouth water. Our contemporary outdoor settings attract a lot of attention. We have a shop in Wangara, and we are spreading the word that our stylish models are here for the people of Perth.

You can't find this huge white wicker day bed anywhere else. The furniture is for the pool or the garden.

A stylish white day bed.

Our styles are for someone who wants to create a dramatic look in their garden. Not the old and tired styles that get sold year after year, decade after decade.

Many of our customers have told us that our furniture is the best value they’ve found. Although it is fashionable, it is affordable. You can cheaply buy dining sets and lounges that will create a resort look in your home. Large pieces that will let you entertain your whole family in style.

We offer flexible layby up to 9-months, and interest free finance options.

What Makes Furniture look Stylish?

I have thought a lot about why certain styles can dazzle us.
A design that is new, and unusual looks modern. It catches the eye, because it’s not something that people have seen before.
Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

1. Circular and curved sofa settings:

Lounges are normally rectangular, so a round shape catches the eye and evokes a modern look. These sofas are practical too, because everyone can sit around and see each other easily. No straining of the neck to look at the person you are talking to. This setting can create a social atmosphere and lifestyle.

Outdoor Furniture for Perth. A round sofa settee made of high quality black wicker.

Our breathtaking Olympia Suite

2. White wicker

When you normally find dark colours, white wicker looks stunningly modern. It is practical too, because it doesn’t heat up in the sun like black wicker. (Read about our white wicker here).

A gorgeous white lounge made of wicker for outdoors.

Stunning by the pool.

3. Multi-functional styles

We sell shape-shifting furniture. Most of our models are versatile, and can be transformed into different styles. This space-age setting can be compact into a cube, with all chairs and stools tucking away.


Black rattan outdoor dining setting for Perth.

Our Compact Dining Setting

Compact Outdoor Wicker Tuck away dining setting in Perth. Black rattan.

All Chairs and Stools Tuck Away

See 7 of our multifunctional models here.